Be ALL in for an equitable education for Richmond City High School Students

A quality college-prep and advanced high school education should not be a gamble every year. But uncertainty has been the name of the game for the past 45 years for RCHS.
Each year, this school that has sent over 97% of graduates to college, faces new challenges.  This year in particular the school will offer more AP course than ever before. 
Some of the challenges we face:
Will we have the equipment and technology to teach an all advanced and AP curriculum? 
Will we have the funds to teach the experienced based curriculum that has been crucial to the success of the school?
Can we help our families in crisis so that their student's needs are met so they can learn in school?
As the students rise to meet the rigor, can we teach with the tools they need to be competitive with their more affluent peers in college?
Will teachers be trained to recognize mental health concerns in students while teaching them virtually?
Can we help prepare our students to be competitive test takers to promote opportunities in college by successfully taking SATs and AP tests?
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our students and teachers.
The general  funds will go toward:
  • Teacher classroom grants for materials and equipment
  • AP, SAT, and Math tutoring and test prep
  • Mental Wellness programming
  • Academic Scholarships 
  • Career and college readiness
  • Academic clubs and speciality programs
  • Emergency fund for food and financially insecure families in crisis.
  • Brookland Park Community Garden
  • Technology and equipment for virtual learning support
  • Safe return to school equipment and programming
  • A weeklong virtual freshman orientation to prepare incoming students for the rigor and study skills needed at RCHS 
  • Student activity funds, trips, and FAMILY programming.

Next Year's Mini-MEster GOALS

Freshman Camping Trip

Learning about camping and outdoor activity, conduct water and wildlife research, ecology, earth science

DELMARVA Peninsula

Sophomore Trip

Exploring a modern city while learning about civil rights history

Atlanta, Georgia


Junior Trip 

Defining Freedom in America

Philadelphia, PA



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Richmond, VA 23222

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Friends of Richmond Community High School, 501c3

Executive Director

Alison Owens